Major report shows that rent arrear significantly lower for higher EPC rated homes

In a major report announced today, Sustainable Homes ‘Touching the Voids - The impact of energy efficiency on social landlord income and business plans.’  Shows overwhelming evidence that the better rated the home, the less it costs landlords. The study used over 1/2 million social rented properties in the UK, and came back with some clear correlations:

  • As homes become more energy efficient they are void for a shorter length of time - on average, 31% shorter for band ‘B’ properties compared to those in bands ‘E’ and ‘F’
  • Landlords with more energy efficient stock spend less on refurbishing void homes, less on repairs and less on staff time to manage voids
  • Rent arrears are on average half a month higher in band ‘F’ properties than in other bands.
  • Other cost savings identified include time spent seeking overdue rent payment, legal costs and court costs which decline by around 35% for more energy efficient homes.

In fact the table below was tweeted today by Sustainable Homes and it showing that the poorest performing homes will ultimately cost landlords more money in rent arrears.

As you will know Elmhurst has long campaigned for warmer homes, which we know cost less to run for the tenant and thereby enable social and economic benefits to not only the landlord and the tenant – but to the wider economy as well.

We welcome the research, and also advocate that those private landlords affected by Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES), which attempt to lift the poorest performing properties out of F and G ratings, read the report and understand that the economic benefits of making homes warmer will help not only help the tenants, but also themselves and their businesses.

To obtain the full report see here:


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