It's arrived - Your chance to tell government how to make better use of EPCs

Since the PEPA conference in March, at which government representatives spoke of an upcoming Call For Evidence, Elmhurst has been eagerly awaiting its publication. Yesterday, in the last week before the summer recess, the document finally arrived.

As requested in Elmhurst's 2018 Manifesto for Change the call for evidence is  looking for opportunities to make better use of Energy Pefromance Certificates (EPCs) after we leave the European Union in March 2019.

Government acknowledge that EPCs are already "a key tool in promoting energy performance improvements in buildings." Now they are looking to use EPCs to deliver on the aims of the Clean Growth Strategy by identifying new trigger points for when an EPC will be required and how we can improve EPCs to ensure they contain "good quality data", that they are reliable, accurate and up to date.

Elmhurst's Managing Director Martyn Reed was delighted that government now realise EPCs are not just a legal obligation but an important tool that building owners should use as a catalyst for improvement.

"Previously government policy has prevented departments from ‘gold plating’ EU directives. Unfortunately this can mean we get the pain, but less of the gain. Fortunately this government wishes to explore options for other ‘trigger points’ for requiring an updated EPC."

"Elmhurst consider this to be a fantastic opportunity for our industry, and a positive confirmation of the role that energy assessors fulfil in improving the energy efficiency of the buildings in which we live and work."

As you would expect once we have had time to digest its content, Elmhurst will provide a more detailed analysis  of this Call For Evidence, then we will share our draft response and seek input from members before making a formal submission, which we will again share.

All members are encouraged to download and read this important document at their earliest convenience and start preparing for how they might wish to respond before the close date on 19th October. 

For the full Call for Evidence document click here.

Article Published: 27th July 2018

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