How is the EPC band calculated?

One of the initial steps when deciding to buy or sell a home, is examining its Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). Finding out your home’s energy efficiency rating is quite useful even if you’re not moving, but want to save both money and energy while improving your home.

The good news is that the process is simple and quick to complete. A certified energy assessor needs up to two hours (usually much less), depending on the property, to inspect and calculate your home’s energy rating. An EPC can also show you the environmental impact of your household, as well, such as how much CO2 it emits.

How is the EPC band calculated? 

This assessment focuses on how well energy is used in your home, meaning it traces potential energy loss sources, most which are concerned with heat loss. For example, to get a good rating, your walls, floor and roof need to have good insulation so that your household keeps the heat inside.

Windows, airtightness and heating systems and controls are other factors that should draw your attention. The heating system should be checked for space, as well as water. Other than hot water, the assessment covers lighting and other electricity-based items in your home.

Each segment merits a score depending on its condition and efficiency.

Learn to read the results

Don’t get baffled by the numbers on your EPC. Higher ratings are good news – it means that your home is more efficient and environmentally friendly. These are charted in SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) tables where a maximum of 100 points means that your home is as energy-efficient as possible.

Hire an expert for a domestic EPC calculation

A domestic energy assessor is a trained professional who is qualified to carry out an energy assessment of your home. This includes paying attention to details that you might miss yourself, such as the relation between a chimney and heat loss or the effect of old and deformed seals on double glazing.

You can find a local domestic energy assessor by using the ‘search for assessor tool’ on Elmhurst Energy’s website.

Article published: 1st August 2019

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