House Builders set out intent to double new build homes by 2020

The current Government demanded that the house builders built 1 million new homes in this parliament; to date they have hit 180,000 in 2014/15. This according to Government is not enough and the House Building Federation (HBF), whose members include most of the volume house builders have signalled a new intent.

HBF note that house builders have increased output significantly since the recession, but a new target of doubling new builds by 2020 is achievable.

In the statement released today:

“HBF and its members recognise that delivering 1 million homes requires significant further action from the house building sector and that there needs to be a substantial increase in the number of homes they deliver. Accordingly, HBF’s largest members have an ambition to match their current rates of growth and in 2019 build more than double the number of homes they built in 2010.”

Elmhurst welcomes the new initiative, but is also very mindful that the current Government removed the planned new (tighter) targets for house builders in terms of improvement to energy efficiency standards. The 1 million homes that will be created will be good, but could have been better from an energy perspective.

For the full details and statement see here:

HBF news:

Statement of intent:


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