Get Involved with PAS 2035

Elmhurst operates a TrustMark approved Retrofit Assessor and Retrofit Coordinator scheme in accordance with PAS 2035. Members of these schemes can undertake work within domestic retrofit projects as TrustMark holders and can help the supply chain qualify for the 20% uplift within ECO3.

Tell me more about PAS 2035 and ECO3

PAS 2035 must be delivered through specific retrofit roles. Individuals undertaking these retrofit roles must possess the relevant qualifications and become members of TrustMark approved schemes (Elmhurst being one such scheme).

TrustMark approved Retrofit Assessors and Retrofit Coordinators can work with installers, social housing providers and other retrofit professionals to ensure that domestic retrofit projects are compliant with PAS 2035 which will in turn allow the supply chain to continue to deliver energy efficiency measures under ECO (rewarding installers with a 20% uplift to their ECO3 measures during the transition period).

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Winning business

Once retrofit professionals have joined Elmhurst's TrustMark approved scheme they are encouraged to link up with other retrofit professionals, and organisations within the supply chain (Installers/delivery partners). They should also take the time to track tenders. During the next 18 months, it is anticipated that more and more organisations will be seeking the services of registered retrofit professionals in order to comply with PAS 2035 and continue to deliver ECO funded retrofit projects. 

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