Everything you need to know about DEA training

Everything you need to know about DEA training

If you are looking take that all-important next step in your career of energy assessment, you ought to consider undertaking Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA) training. In most cases, before any domestic property can be let or sold in the UK, an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) must be obtained. It is the role of Domestic Energy Assessors to collate this data, and this can only be done once the assessor has the relevant DEA and EPC training.
Here we explore what DEA training consists of – this will help to decide whether the course is right for you.
Self-directed study
Yes, you will inevitably dedicate the time of the actual training to perfecting your knowledge, but you will also be expected to use your free time during the evening to consolidate the information. After all, you can attend the course and do the work, but it is only through your own initiative that you will develop sufficient understanding. This understanding will enable you to work independently after you have qualified.
A practical, hands-on approach
Don’t expect to be solely sat in a classroom when learning how to undertake this kind of energy assessment. Whilst classroom-based learning is an element of the course, there is also a strong practical element. After the basic information has been taught, you will be expected to demonstrate the property inspections yourself to put the information into practice. Not only does this help to retain what you have learnt, but it also prepares you for the working world.
Portfolio of work
Aside from the training itself, you will build a portfolio of work to support what you have learnt at the end of the course. The course provider will use their expertise to assist and guide your documentation, providing invaluable experience that you can take forward into your new role.
If you think that an energy assessor course could be right for you, contact Elmhurst Energy today. We offer 5-day or 3-day DEA training courses that enable you to qualify and use the methodology required to produce an EPC. 

Article published 24th September

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