Elmhurst issues final response to Implementation of the EPC B Future Target Consultation

Elmhurst Energy has published its final response to the Implementation of the EPC B Future Target consultation, which outlines proposals to increase the minimum energy efficiency standards from an EPC rating of E to an EPC rating B.

You can read Elmhurst’s final consultation response here.

Elmhurst welcomed the consultation on the improvements of the minimum energy efficiency standards, and were able to summarise the changes for members which we published as a news item on the 28th May.

Having digested members' views we have now created our final consultation response. 

Our key messages are:

  1. We support the implementation of the EPC B target.
  2. Listed buildings and those in conservation areas should be legally required to have an EPC before being rented out.
  3. Phased compliance milestones and compliance windows will ensure that compliance can be met efficiently, ensuring policy can be continuously reviewed and technological innovations can be accounted for.
  4. A six-month exemption for shell and core let properties should be introduced.
  5. Continuous measurement of the building is important in ensuring compliance through such measures as further EPC triggers and post improvement EPCs
  6. We support the introduction of a PRS property and compliance and exemptions database
  7. We believe that all exemptions should be reviewed at the start of each compliance windows to ensure compliance

Article Published: 07/06/21

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