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Looking for new leads for energy efficiency? Elmhurst’s Green Check is a valuable solution for generating leads. 

By using Green Check in your business, you can quickly and simply identify:

  • The energy efficiency of your customer's home
  • The energy efficiency improvements that would bring them the most value
  • The potential savings that could be achieved through home efficiency improvements


Green Check provides a tried and tested methodology for calculating energy efficiency based on a simple set of questions; offering real value to your customer's experience. For as little as £1 per click* Green Check can identify monetary savings as well as the carbon savings in tonnage for a customer's property, attained from installing the recommended energy saving measures. These could include; lighting, boiler replacements, cavity or solid wall insulation, replacement windows and loft insulation etc.

Green Check puts consumers at the centre of the survey exercise so that they can discover the potential savings for themselves in a way that they can trust. It can be embedded on your website, it can be emailed to your customers, it can be used securely over the phone by back office staff. You can also customise the questions asked, the recommendations, and also the branding to fit with your corporate guidelines.

We can also allow you to customise the recommendations area, allowing links to appropriate web landing pages of your choice.

How Green Check can generate leads for you

  • If required it will capture details of anyone completing the survey for your analysis and CRM
  • Provides targeted and prequalified leads for your energy efficiency business
  • Demonstrates the real value of energy efficiency
  • Improves the customer experience for your web visitors
  • Fits in with the overall style and branding of your website
  • Increases the web traffic to your critical web landing pages to boost the effectiveness of your site
  • Improves website conversion by demonstrating benefits and savings.

Don’t forget by purchasing Green Check you get access to the back end data created, this is accessed through our secure online portal – which is accessible 24/7!


Green Check can be purchased in two ways Green Check Lite or Green Check Pro.

Green Check Lite 

If you want to get up and running without any hassle, simple choose Green Check Lite, this can be set up quickly with minimal fuss and you can be out their utilising the power of green check straight away.

Green Check Lite is extremely versatile and can be used in many ways by savvy businesses. The following scenarios could be used by your organisation;

  • It could be accessed via a simple link on your company website, allowing customers to click on the link;
  • Email out the link to prospective targeted customers so they can complete the survey online;
  • Back office staff could complete the simple questions over the phone whilst talking to home owners/tenants/landlords;
  • It could be accessed on doorsteps by sales staff and completed with home owners/tenants.

The fact that your business can try all of the above or other ways to obtain energy efficiency leads is why Green Check Lite it is a great and affordable choice.

                                                                         Software Cost                                                                 

FREE Set up

 £2+ VAT per Green Check created 

Green Check PRO

If you want to imbed Green Check in your website and want to fully customise/brand the pages as well as have the flexibility to select the questions and recommendations that appear to your customers, then Green Check Pro is for you.

Green Check Pro has all the flexibility of Green Check Lite, but the added value to be branded and made bespoke to specific requirements.

The following Tailoring can be set by the users on initialisation of Green Check Pro:

  • Top of the Green Check Frame can be set with Customers own logo and name, or alternatively leave blank
  • The Opening Page, this will be the page the Green Check application will open up on, when accessed from the customers own Website; this can be set to one of the following: 

- The ‘Contact Details’ page /or 

- The ‘About You’ page /or

- The ‘Property Page’

  • Questions to be displayed

- Depending on Customer requirements the question set can be agreed

- There are a set of mandatory questions which must be asked in order to generate a result and report

- The other optional questions can be set according to Customer Requirements.

- As a guide Green Check can be set up with between approx 14 – 45 questions

We can also allow you to customise the recommendations area, allowing links to appropriate web landing pages of your choice.

  • Report Branding:

- Customer Branded can be set at the head and foot of all reports generated

                                                              Software Cost                                                                         

Set up fee: 1 off intialisation fee of £1000 + VAT


only £1 + VAT per Green Check Report* 

*charges may be fixed at a higher or lower cost depending upon the level of integration you require.


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