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BSI 40104 Retrofit Standard: Consultation Expected Soon


The publication of a consultation on BSI 40104, British Standard on retrofit assessment process for domestic properties, is expected to be released very soon.

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BSI 40104, British Standard on retrofit assessment process for domestic properties, was originally mentioned a few years ago when ‘Each Home Counts’ was published in 2016. It has been under development for a number of months and, following a great deal of hard work, the thirteen committee responsible for writing the standard are ready to release it for consultation.

The standard will seek to not only improve the quality of the data collected by Retrofit Assessors but also work towards standardizing the question set that all Retrofit Assessors complete, to ensure that good quality retrofit assessments are the norm.

What Will The Consultation Cover?

The consultation splits the assessment into eight sections, with each section having a particular relevance. One section, for example, may be the ‘context’ of the site that may allow you to record limited access to a site. Another section may cover the orientation of a property to its ‘condition’, so you can identify any existing defects that might impact on the improvements you wish to carry out. Other sections include occupancy, ventilation, energy and significance.

The consultation, once live, will allow an opportunity for all interested stakeholders to comment and influence the Standard prior to its publication and eventually adoption.

Why Is This Consultation Needed?

Whilst we are clearly some way off of the standard being adopted, the UK faces a massive challenge. Currently, domestic properties consume around 35% of all the energy generated in the UK and are responsible for 20% of all carbon dioxide emissions.

To reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050, it has been estimated that we need to improve approximately 29 million homes. The UK Green Building Council states that we need to retrofit 1.8 homes per minute to reach the 2050 target.

The risks of the UK not addressing these issues include:

  • Increasing levels of fuel poverty
  • More deaths related to cold conditions and poor quality homes
  • Increased burden on the NHS

We need to address these issues in a balanced manner that will start with a good quality, standardized Retrofit Assessment.

Once introduced, BSI 40104 will enable this to happen. Each home that is assessed will look to be improved in the most cost effective and beneficial way, for both the occupier and the building.

When Can We Expect This Consultation To Be Released?

The release of this consultation is expected very soon.

Elmhurst will update members once the consultation has been released, as well as provide any key information and response deadlines.