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Elmhurst responds to Scotland’s bold New Build Heat Standard consultation


The Scottish Government’s New Build Heat Standard consultation represents one of the positive steps that the country is taking to meet its statutory climate change targets.

Scotland aims to ensure that all buildings are green and fit for the long term in the UK’s zero emissions future, and is legally committed to reducing its emissions  by 75% by 2030 and reaching net zero by 2045. Their New Build Heat Standard is the first major step towards phasing out fossil fuels, or Direct Emissions Heating (DEH)*, in new buildings.

What is the New Build Heat Standard?

The New Build Heat Standard is Scotland’s proposal to improve new building standards and end the use of Direct Emissions Heating (DEH). It proposes that from 2024, “new buildings must use heating systems which produce zero direct emissions at the point of use”

What are the key proposals?

From 2024:

• New buildings applying for a building warrant will be prohibited from using direct emissions heating systems to meet their space and hot water heating and cooling demand.
• Instead, the use of zero direct emissions heating (ZDEH) technologies will be required.
• This will mean an increase in the deployment of ZDEH systems, such as heat pumps and heat networks, in new buildings across Scotland.
• Bioenergy is not considered to be a ZDEH technology

*A Direct Emissions Heating (DEH) system is one which produces greenhouse gas emissions at point of use.

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Elmhurst Response to New Build Heat Standard (NHBS) Consultation (Part 2) 

Elmhurst’s response to the part 2 of the NHBS consultation is generally supportive of the proposals put forward.

Elmhurst believes that all good proven technologies have a place to play in making Scotland’s buildings more energy efficient. Emphasis on heating systems is critical, however priority on fabric first approach and ensuring the energy efficiency of any building is key. A whole building approach and prioritizing energy efficiency will help to mitigate the unintended consequences of moving to the electrification of buildings.

You can read Elmhurst full response to the consultation here.

Elmhurst’s Head of Operations, Josh Wakeling, comments: “It’s clear that the Scottish Government are intent on delivering really meaningful new standards as quickly as possible and it certainly appears that they wish to get the new regulations implemented in 2024. The proposal to  no longer allow the use of Direct Emissions Heating is no surprise. It looks like the next few years will be very busy and exciting for all of our new build domestic and non-domestic members in Scotland”

You can find the consultation here – https://www.gov.scot/publications/new-build-heat-standard-consultation-part-ii/pages/1/