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Northern Ireland Energy Strategy – Elmhurst Responds


Elmhurst has submitted its response to the consultation on policy options for the new Energy Strategy for Northern Ireland.

The consultation, which was released back in March, establishes options to decarbonise the Northern Ireland energy sector by 2050. The country’s vision for net zero carbon and affordable energy has been split into five key principles which include:

  • Grow a Green Economy – invest in green innovation, develop low carbon skills, maximise the economic impact of energy policies.
  • Do more with less – set clear direction for energy efficiency, educate consumers about energy efficiency and provide support to help them invest in improvements.
  • Replace fossil fuels with renewable energy– decarbonise power, heat and transport.
  • Create a flexible and integrated energy system– ensure flexible markets and infrastructure, develop smart and digitised energy systems.
  • Placing you at the heart of our energy future– enable and protect consumers, make energy simple, ensure affordability and fairness

Elmhurst fully supports the transition towards a cleaner more sustainable future for the people living and working in Northern Ireland.

We thank our members for helping shape our response which can be summarised as follows.

Northern Ireland needs to:

  • Create a Medium-long term plan to give certainty
  • Have no more ‘stop-start’ policies
  • Have joined up policies and regulations that work together
  • Build upon existing professionals and methodologies to improve all NI buildings
  • Use Asset, Occupation and Metered (in-use) assessments
  • Display all 3 metrics on EPCs – carbon emissions (CO2), cost (£) and energy (kWh)


Stuart Fairlie, Technical and Operations Director of Elmhurst Energy welcomes the consultation and adds “By keeping it simple and building upon the excellent infrastructure that already exists, we can bring the pieces of jigsaw together and set long term commitments. Industry and all stakeholders will be able to deliver this for the NI communities.”

Read Elmhurst’s final response.

Responses to this consultation must be submitted by 17:00 on 30 June 2021. You can access the consultation and respond to it via the following link: Energy Strategy Options Consultation