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Elmhurst publishes draft response to SAP 10.2 Consultation


Following the Future Homes and Building Standards consultations the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has published a further consultation covering some changes to SAP 10. The consultation focuses on heat networks and can be found here. In summary it proposes the following:

Recognition of additional types of recovered heat

It is proposed that new types of heat recovery used in heat networks will be included into the next revision of SAP 10. These include heat recovered from waste combustion, industrial processes such as glass manufacturing and other commercial processes such as heat recovered from data centre cooling.

Revised Primary energy factors for all recovered heat sources will also be included in the next version of SAP 10.

Changes to Primary Energy and Carbon factors for Gas CHP

Gas CHP systems have been widely utilised in heat networks in the last few years. There has been suggestion from industry that the carbon factors for Gas CHP as underestimating the savings from these systems. However as the electricity grid has been rapidly decarbonised in the last decade it is believed these systems are no longer offer carbon savings and it is predicated that gas CHP installed in 2020 will be 25% more carbon intensive than individual gas boilers over their expected lifetime.

New Primary energy and carbon factors have been proposed for Gas CHP heat networks to reflect these concerns, with both being higher than the current factors used in SAP 10.

The consultation closes on 10th May. Elmhurst have created a draft response to this consultation, which can be found here. If any Elmhurst member wishes to let us know their thoughts we would welcome their input to our official response, please let us know..

As always Elmhurst will keep all members up to date with developments in Building Regulations and SAP in all areas of the UK.

Read Elmhurst’s draft response to SAP 10.2 Consultation

Read SAP 10.2 Consultation

Consultation closes: 10th May 2021