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Elmhurst Publishes draft response to Wales Part F and L Stage 2A Consultation


On 25th November 2020 the Welsh Government published the Part F and L Stage 2A consultation with proposals to improve the energy efficiency and ventilation standards of work in existing buildings, changes to the assessment of overheating risk and transitional provisions from previous versions of regulations. The deadline for responding to the Consultation is 17th February 2021.

You can read Elmhurst’s draft consultation response here.

Elmhurst welcomed the consultation on the remaining areas of Part F and L, and were able to quickly summarise the changes for members which we published as a news item on the 8th December.

Having digested members’ views we have now created our ‘draft’ consultation response and ask members to have a read and either tell us what you think, or, even better, complete your own response. There is no one better placed to comment than the Elmhurst members who spend their lives analysing and improving the energy efficiency of homes.

Our key messages are:

  1. We support the improvement of energy efficiency measures for work to existing dwellings.
  2. Conservatories should no longer be exempt from energy efficiency requirements even when thermally separated from the home.
  3. Future proofing homes is sensible but unintended consequences should be considered. For example, oversized radiators needed for low temperature systems may be positioned poorly, and the increased body of water may impact on the responsiveness of the system.
  4. The use of Retrofit Coordinators should be encouraged to ensure an appropriate whole house approach to work in existing homes.
  5. Ventilation systems should be designed by a competent person and then independently inspected and tested before building regulations sign off.
  6. The assessment of overheating risk should still have an initial indication from SAP assessments produced by accredited OCDEAs. This should then guide stakeholders to more detailed assessment methods where required.
  7. Transition periods for new regulations should be limited to 12 months from the date the legislation becomes effective and, from that date, any new home that as presented for Building Regulations sign off must comply with the new regulations.

Elmhurst is now seeking input on this draft consultation which will influence its final response before it is submitted by the 17th February deadline. The final submission will also be published for the benefit of members.

Welsh Government have indicated the results of the consultation to appear in legislation in the spring for adoption in the autumn of 2021.