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Auditing FAQs- OCDEA

The amount of audits schemes request is defined in the DLUHC Scheme Operating Requirements and Scottish Government’s Operational Framework. The amount of audits you receive will be no different to the amount Stroma called.

Audit requests are sent out by email three weeks in advance of the audit deadline. Weekly reminders will be sent by email until the evidence is submitted to us.

You can download the Elmhurst Minimum Evidence Requirements documents for England, Wales and Northern Ireland audits here, and for Scotland audits here. The evidence you submit should be the same as you submitted with Stroma as the evidence requirements are set in the DLUHC Scheme Operating Requirements and Scottish Framework.

Auditing FAQs- OCDEA

To reduce potential issues with receiving large files via email we have developed the Audit Zone which is available within Access Elmhurst. From here you can view any outstanding audits, upload evidence to them as well as viewing previous audit results and feedback.

A short video on how to use the Audit Zone can be found here

All schemes are required to carry out smart auditing. Smart auditing is a risk based approach to audits based on rules agreed by EASOB. A detailed Technical Bulletin on Smart Auditing can be found here.

To prevent smart audits being called when you need to replace an EPC you will need to invalidate the original EPC. In order to invalidate EPCs you can complete the form found here. If you have a large number of EPCs to be invalidated, for example if a site has been re-numbered, then you can send an email to the On Construction Support Team with both the old and new RRNs for each EPC.

If you have any audit related queries and require assistance, you should contact the Elmhurst On Construction Support Team on 01455 883 236 or email onconstruction-support@elmhurstenergy.co.uk