Thermography Scheme

Elmhurst Energy's Thermography Scheme offers credibility and quality standards for qualified Thermal Imaging Inspectors who provide infrared thermography for building surveys.

About Thermal Imaging Inspectors

Qualified Inspectors will have the skills and knowledge to thermally inspect and assess dwellings and commercial buildings against a pass/fail criteria, but they aren't permitted to carry out in-depth analysis of images. Using a quantitative procedure they will present the thermal condition of a building envelope to clients (as either pass, fail or refer) using traffic light indicators for effective visual impact.

Why Join the Scheme

Building professionals can easily integrate thermal imaging for building surveys within their existing services, as an option for assessing the quality of insulation throughout a property. This type of survey is quite valuable in resolving disputes which involve heat loss and air leakage within buildings, due to the non-intrusive method which is undertaken.

Many professionals have already adopted this type of service:

  • Energy Assessors are using infrared thermography to enhance the quality of their existing work and are offering this as a 'Value-add' service
  • Air Tightness Testers, are enhancing their site testing services by highlighting actual air leakage pathways through thermal imaging
  • Insulation installers, are using thermal imaging to demonstrate their work as thermally effective
  • National house-builders, who wish to receive competent thermographic reports both at the handover stage or for cases of dispute resolution
  • Roofing contractors are using this service to offer both digital and thermal evidence from roofs and other inaccessible areas.

With Elmhurst's Thermography Scheme, members will benefit from a significant competitive advantage due to the consistency and quality of their building thermal imaging surveys. Members of the scheme can drive up industry standards through the reliability and quality of their services- something which non-members will struggle to maintain.

The Benefits

Access to Elmhurst's members portal

Members can access Elmhurst's members portal, Access Elmhurst, where they can submit reports and gain access to technical guidance documents.

Create brand new inspections

Through the Thermography tile in Access Elmhurst you can create brand new inspections, where you can enter client details, upload PDF documents, and submit thermal imaging inspections through Elmhurst's systems which will produce a unique certificate. You can also retrieve uploaded thermography pdfs.

Access to Elmhurst's Technical Support 

Our leading technical support is available to help members with any problems or challenges they face when carrying out thermal imaging surveys. If you have any questions or require technical support please email: or call 01455 883 236.

Insurance Included

Members of Elmhurst's thermography scheme will have their Thermography work automatically covered by Elmhurst's insurance policy. Further information available here.

Entry onto Elmhurst's Scheme listing 

Members are entered onto our public register of Thermal Imaging Inspectors, which members of the public can use to search for an inspector who is part of this competency scheme.

Thermography  Scheme Fees 

Registration Fee- £265 +VAT
Annual Renewal- £265 + VAT
Lodgements- £2.50 + VAT per lodgement

How to join Elmhurst's Thermography Scheme

Those who have undertaken and completed the competency based assessment within the 'Thermal Imaging for Buildings' course are welcome to join the scheme.

I have not undertaken the 'Thermal Imaging for Buildings' training. 

I am a qualified Thermal Imaging Inspector 

Step 1: Book and attend the 'Thermal Imaging for Buildings' training course.  


Step 1: If you have attended the iRED 'Thermal Imaging for Buildings' course you will be eligible to join the scheme and will just need to complete our application form.



Step 2: Once you have completed the competency-based assessment you will be eligible to join Elmhurst's Thermography Scheme. You can do this by completing the below application form.


Not trained to provide Building Thermal Imaging Surveys?

Those who aren't trained in the production of building thermal imaging surveys can gain the relevant skills, knowledge and qualifications from the 'Thermal Imaging for Buildings' course, which is open to all energy assessors and professionals operating within the Built Environment. You can find out more about this course by clicking below.



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