Provide professional Thermography Reports

Join Elmhurst’s recognised Thermography Competency Scheme and start providing professional reports for clients.

A thermography inspection is a non-invasive procedure that uses thermal imaging to look for areas of heat loss and air leakage from a building. As an accredited Thermography Inspector you’ll play a key role in resolving disputes relating to build quality and insulation, and demonstrating work as being thermally effective.

How to join the scheme

In order to join Elmhurst's Thermography Competency Scheme you must attend a Thermography training course. If you have already completed a training course (even with another provider), you can go right ahead and apply for membership!

Why become a
Thermography Inspector?

Around 20% of UK carbon emissions are created by heating buildings. As a Thermography Inspector you will be able to easily identify areas of heat loss and leakage from a building using advanced skills and cutting-edge technology.

This is useful for identifying areas of concern and providing visual evidence of the thermal performance of the building fabric to clients and homeowners.

  • Gain in demand skills
  • Excellent for retrofit work and airtightness tests
  • Easy to carry out alongside other inspections
  • Demonstrate work as being thermally efective
  • Resolve disputes relating to build quality and insulation
Thermographic image of a house

Train with the experts

This 1 day course is delivered in conjunction with iRed and has been specially designed for housing energy professionals who want to learn how to use a Thermographic camera. As such, the course has a strong practical focus, with emphasis placed on producing high quality images and readings for use in reports.


Accreditation icon

Get a recognised
stamp of approval

Elmhurst's Thermography Scheme offers credibility and quality standards to those trained to undertake reports as Thermography Inspectors.

With Elmhurst's Thermography Scheme, members will benefit from a significant competitive advantage due to the consistency and quality of their building thermal imaging surveys.

Member benefits:

  • Access to Elmhurst's members portal
  • Create new inspections and submit reports
  • Insurance Included
  • Access to Elmhurst's Technical Support
  • Entry onto Elmhurst's Scheme listing

Thermography Scheme Fees  

Registration Fee - £265 +VAT

Annual Renewal- £265 + VAT

Lodgements- £2.50 + VAT per lodgement

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