Provide Legionella Risk Assessments

Protect tenants and homeowners against the potentially deadly legionella bacteria as a Legionella Inspector.

The Health and Safety Executive HSE states that landlords have a legal duty to assess and control the risk associated with legionella bacteria. As a Legionella Inspector you will help landlords meet their obligations by carrying out inspections and providing professional reports.

How to join the scheme

In order to join Elmhurst's Legionella competency scheme you must attend a Legionella training course. If you have already completed a training course (even with another provider), you can go right ahead and apply for membership!

Why become a
Legionella Risk Assessor?

Legionella bacteria can be lethal and therefore many local authorities require that landlords carry out a Legionella risk assessment before they are allowed to rent out their properties.

In Scotland, all local authorities require landlords to carry out a legionella risk assessment.

This presents a unique opportunity for those already conducting onsite assessments to start offering this additional service and create an additional revenue stream.

  • Create an additional revenue stream
  • Straightforward and easily carried out alongside existing work
  • Gain in demand skills
  • Get a quality stamp of approval
Inspector turning on a tap

Book an online training course

Our 1 day intensive training course covers all the necessary skills required in order to carry out professional Legionella Risk Assessments. You will learn about the relevant legislation, control measures for hot and cold water systems and software skills.


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Get a recognised
stamp of approval

Legionella Risk Assessments can only be performed by those who demonstrate the necessary level of competence. Elmhurst's Legionella Competency Scheme offers credibility and quality standards to those trained to provide Legionella Risk Assessments.

Member benefits:

  • Access to Elmhurst's members portal
  • Create new inspections and submit reports
  • Insurance Included
  • Access to Elmhurst's Technical Support
  • Entry onto Elmhurst's Scheme listing

Legionella Scheme Fees  

Initial cost of application - Free

Fee for submitting a Legionella Risk Assessment £5 (plus VAT) per report

Subsequent annual renewal is free of charge if you have produced 25 assessments or more in the previous year. If you have submitted less than 25 assessments in the previous year then the renewal fee is £95.00 +VAT

Payment of submission fees by direct debit is FREE. Non-direct debit payments are subject to a surcharge of 3% (minimum of £3.00)

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