Elmhurst Energy Accreditation and Schemes Overview

If you are looking for an accreditation scheme which offers competitive lodgement fees, market leading software, professional technical support, opportunities to enhance your skills, as well as tools to build a competitive business; then you have come to the right place.

The purpose of schemes is to ensure that consumers and others who rely on Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) can have confidence in the credibility of EPCs and their accompanying recommendations for cost-effective improvement.

With over 20 years of industry experience and expert knowledge of government legislation, we are constantly driving high standards throughout all the services we provide to our members. The 7000 individuals who have joined our various accreditation schemes have benefited from building a professional reputation; using Elmhurst Energy's accreditation schemes to set them apart from the competition.

Why become accredited with Elmhurst Energy?

  • Access to professional easy to use online or mobile software
  • Technical Support you can rely on
  • Career opportunities- get ahead of the competition

Elmhurst’s FREE accreditation schemes provide unlimited access to our specialist software applications and technical support. As a certified member we can assure you that you will be given as much support as possible, in order for you to work effectively and build your reputation as a professional energy assessor, certified by a leading industry expert. Assessors accredited with us will also be given an online membership to 'Access Elmhurst', our portal for accredited assessors, with links to all the supporting documents a practising energy assessor will need, as well as access to Elmhurst's professional software.



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