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DesignBuilder for UK Certification Day 2: DSM

Date: 12th December 2019
Start Time: 08:30am
Location: Lutterworth
Duration: 8.5 hours
Places Left: 8

     7 Hours CPD    

Cost Breakdown

£250.00 plus VAT

Course Information

Many of DesignBuilder’s customers are experiencing the advantages of using a tool that makes creating accurate models much faster via an interface that enables you to easily switch between SBEM and DSM within the same model. This advantage is magnified for assessors trying to achieve the best possible EPC rating for MEES, as DSM will often yield a better rating than SBEM. The DesignBuilder DSM interface was approved for the certification of Level 3, 4 and 5 buildings in England in early 2017 and has recently been approved for use in Wales and Scotland too.
The DSM training is a 1-day “top-up” course that covers all of the essential information relating to using DesignBuilder in “DSM mode”. During the DSM training you will build on the knowledge gained on the DesignBuilder UK Certification Introduction course and cover all of the essential information required to quickly and efficiently produce accurate certification outputs such as EPCs and BRUKL documents. During the training you will model a building from beginning to end, and cover the essential information relating to each aspect of the model at the relevant point in the modelling process. The training will also include some fantastic new DesignBuilder features such as the new QA-checking tools and new flexible ways to edit glazing such as stretch and rotate tools that allow existing openings to be easily modified.

The course covers:

  • Introduction to the DSM interface and user manual.
  • Outline main DSM advantages over SBEM, such as more accurate modelling of geometry, daylighting, PV, solar gain and shading and climate.
  • Key differences between the SBEM and DSM UK compliance interfaces.
  • Learn how to “flip modes” to enable you to generate outputs from the same model using either SBEM, DSM or EnergyPlus for more detailed analysis.
  • Using one model for multiple analysis types, including for example simulations for BREEAM credits or generating TM52 outputs for overheating analysis.
  • QA and data-checking, producing and lodging output documents.
  • Questions
  • During the day you will create a DSM model “from scratch”, review the main inputs specific to DSM and run EPC and BRUKL calculations.

DSM training pre-requisites: 

  • Prior to attending the DSM training course you must either have previously completed the 1-day DesignBuilder SBEM course (now DesignBuilder UK Certification Day 1: Introduction),
  • or you must have sufficient experience using DesignBuilder to certify UK buildings and have an excellent working knowledge of the DesignBuilder SBEM training manual.
  • Without that foundation you will not have sufficient knowledge to attend the DSM training.
  • If you have not attended the introduction course (DesignBuilder SBEM), but have certified a minimum of 10 buildings using DesignBuilder, and are intimately familiar with the DesignBuilder SBEM training manual, then we will allow you to “self-certify”. If you do not have any experience of using DesignBuilder SBEM then you will need to attend Day 1 of this course. Please click here to book
  • Please do not book yourself on the DSM training without this knowledge, as it will be detrimental to you and to the other delegates and trainers.
  • Recommended for Non Domestic Level 4 Energy Assessors (Please note you have to be a minimum non domestic level 4 energy assessor to join the Elmhurst level 5 DSM accreditation scheme).

DCLG require all assessors using DSM to be assessed in the software. The DSM training is an essential requirement prior to taking the DesignBuilder DSM exam. For new customers i.e. those that do not yet have the licence required to use the DSM interface, a free 6-week licence will be provided to enable you to complete the training and exam.

The Exam day is currently scheduled for Thursday 14th November, please click here to book

Feel free to contact our support team on 01455 883231 should you require any further information

Please Note: The online booking system closes one working day prior to the event, in some cases it is still possible to take bookings over the phone when the event is closed.


All certified energy assessors in the UK must adhere to a mandatory Continuing Professional Development (CPD) policy. Details of which are located in section 7 of the Elmhurst Code of Conduct.

CPD is an annual requirement and runs yearly from January to December for our members. Throughout the year, the assessor must complete 10 hours valid CPD per accreditation strand i.e. DEA. For any additional strands, the accredited assessor must complete an additional 5 hours valid CPD per additional strand i.e. DEA & NDEA (NDEA Level 3, 4 and DECs count as one strand). ESOS assessors will need to contact the organisation they are registered with to confirm their annual CPD requirements.

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