Why train to become a DEA?

Working as a Domestic Energy Assessor is a career choice that many people are starting to make. Whether you have previous experience in this area or are new to it all, this is one job that offers many benefits - both on a personal and professional level. It involves visiting domestic homes and buildings in the UK to assess how energy efficient they are. If you have not thought about this as a viable career choice before, you may wonder why you should train to qualify as a DEA. The information below shows a few reasons why it makes sense.

Chance to work in a growing sector
Increasing emphasis is being placed on people now choosing to live in a greener, more sustainable way. This is only likely to increase in the future, so training to become a DEA means you will work in a dynamic, growing industry. This is not only great for job security but also makes carving out a role in this sector fulfilling once your DEA training is finished.
Sense of achievement
Most of us now are worried about climate change and would like to do something about it. Training to become a DEA allows you to do this by working out how energy efficient domestic homes are. This not only gives you the satisfaction of knowing you are doing something practical to help but also working in a career that is more than just a standard office job.
Helping the most vulnerable
Working as a DEA also gives you the opportunity to help the most vulnerable in society, such as the elderly and those on low-incomes. Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) legislation was introduced in April 2018 which aims at helping those living in fuel poverty by requiring all private properties to have a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of at least an ‘E’ before being sold or let (England and Wales). As a DEA you will be carrying out these assessments for landlords to advise them on how to achieve compliance and reduce household energy bills. 

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