What skills do I need to become a Domestic Energy Assessor?

If you like the idea of being out and about, meeting lots of new people and working independently, then a career as a Domestic Energy Assessor could be for you. An interest in buildings is a must, as is  the ability to perform simple calculations. You will be in the homes of clients for much of the day, so communication skills are key. But what other skills do you require to be an energy assessor?
 There are certain skills that you need, in addition to the mandatory training that you will need to complete. On any given day, you will be inspecting properties and collecting lots of numerical information. You will need a good grasp of maths, and some knowledge of engineering would be a great asset. The details that you are recording will likely be on a hand-held computer device, so an ability to do basic tasks on a computer is important. You will be giving practical advice to homeowners, so an ability to convey complex information is crucial.
 The three key elements that make a good Domestic Energy Assessor are:
 1. Excellent attention to detail
 2. An ability to use your initiative
 3. The correct qualifications and training
 Training and qualifications are crucial. Domestic Energy Assessor Training (or DEA Training) is a pre-requisite to any work in this area. Once qualified, you are on your way to a career calculating the energy performance of domestic properties.
 Elmhurst’s City and Guilds accredited training is a gateway to this exciting career, and offers different training options at locations around the UK. 
 Whether you opt for the Domestic Energy Assessor Condensed 5 Day course or the Domestic Energy Assessor 3 Day course, you’ll be going from classroom to real-world settings in no time at all.

Article published 25th February 2020

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