What Landlords are looking for from Energy Assessors

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The property industry will face strict new regulations from 2018 that prohibit landlords from letting properties with Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ratings below an E. As such, many investors will be looking to energy assessors to help them comply with the new laws.

So what are landlords looking for from their energy assessors?

Specialist landlord insurance provider Just Landlords is committed to not only helping landlords safeguard their properties, but also protect their tenants. The firm has worked with us to help energy assessors understand what landlords expect from them:

A professional approach

Responsible landlords are always looking for ways to be sure that they are sticking to the law and using trusted tradespeople in their properties. Reviewing their energy efficiency is no different. Landlords will always be looking to hire an energy assessor that is accredited and professional if they wish the job to be done correctly. With the law tightening in this area, accreditation is now more important than ever, as is a trustworthy and reliable approach.

Speeding up the process

Some landlords have portfolios of hundreds of properties, making it incredibly difficult for them to spend great lengths of time working alongside professionals. Energy assessors can benefit from using the latest software to help make the process much quicker and more efficient. Having tablets on hand will also speed up the assessment and help to engage with landlords, who may not be up to date with the latest requirements.

Issuing certificates on time

At present, all properties that are built, sold or rented must have an EPC. As the average tenancy length is currently around 18 months, landlords require new certificates rather frequently – much more often than the typical home seller. With the law becoming stricter from 2018 onwards, it’s vital that landlords have the correct certificates at the start of each new tenancy. All energy assessors must ensure that certificates are issued promptly and accurately to help landlords comply with their obligations.

Tips on improving energy performance

Landlords that truly care for their tenants will want to help them cut their bills where possible, and make their properties as energy efficient as possible in the process. Experts in the energy performance sector can help landlords make their properties more efficient by sharing their knowledge and offering top tips. This will make the supply of rental stock on the market more energy efficient and help tenants cut their energy usage in the process – it’s a win-win situation!

Helpful advice on legislation

The private rental sector is already laden with regulations for landlords to comply with, from tenancy deposits to immigration checks. While the new EPC regulations stand to benefit everyone in the sector, landlords may struggle to keep up with their responsibilities. Having an energy assessor explain exactly how they can keep within the law on efficiency will prove useful to all investors, believes Just Landlords. If you can offer any assistance at all, it will most likely be accepted with open arms, so don’t hold back on any industry advice you have.

Accessible energy assessor lists

Although most landlords are aware of the laws they have to comply with, many may not know how to arrange an energy assessment, and therefore an EPC. If assessors are part of an accreditation scheme, such as Elmhurst’s, an easy to access list of professionals in the local area should be available. This is crucial in enabling landlords and other industry experts to fulfil their obligations and use only the best energy assessors for their properties.




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