Ventilation Scheme

Elmhurst's Ventilation Scheme provides quality standards for individuals who are trained to provide commissioning and testing for domestic ventilation systems against Part F of the Building Regulations.

About Ventilation and Ventilation Rate Testing

Unlike Air Tightness testing which considers the loss of air through leaks in the building fabric, Ventilation is attributed to the flow of air within a property, whereby stale indoor air is removed and replaced with fresh outdoor air. Poor Ventilation can result in a build up of unnecessary damp, mould and condensation which can not only damage a home but also pose a serious health risk to occupants.

All buildings are ventilated through a combination of infiltration (uncontrollable air exchange) and purpose-provided ventilation (controllable air exchange through natural and/or mechanical devices). The level of infiltration is typically limited by a building's air tightness, with well constructed buildings offering less air leakage paths for uncontrolled air to flow through. However, if a building is very air tight then sufficient mechanical ventilation will be required in order to maintain comfortable levels of air movement for occupants. 

Part F of the Building Regulations states that new dwellings should have adequate ventilation and that fixed systems for mechanical ventilation, as well as the controls associated with them, should be tested to ensure that the criteria for 'adequate ventilation' is met. 

Why Join Elmhurst's Ventilation Scheme

Elmhurst's Ventilation Scheme offers credibility and quality standards to those trained to undertake ventilation commissioning and testing as a Ventilation Inspector.

The Benefits

Access to Elmhurst's members portal

Members can access Elmhurst's members portal, Access Elmhurst, where they can submit reports and gain access to technical guidance documents.

Create new inspections and submit reports

Through the Ventilation tile in Access Elmhurst you can create can create new inspections, enter client details, upload documents, submit Ventilation Commissioning reports and retrieve ventilation certificates

Insurance Included

Members of Elmhurst's ventilation scheme will have their ventilation work automatically covered by Elmhurst's insurance policy. Further information available here.

Access to Elmhurst's Technical Support 

Our leading technical support is available to help members with any problems or challenges they face when carrying out Ventilation tests. If you have any questions or require technical support please email: or call 01455 883 236.

Entry onto Elmhurst's Scheme listing 

Members are entered onto our public register of Ventilation Inspectors, which members of the public can use to search for an inspector who is part of this competency scheme.

Ventilation  Scheme Fees 

Registration Fee- £265 +VAT
Annual Renewal- £265 + VAT
Lodgements- £2.50 + VAT per lodgement

How to join Elmhurst's Ventilation Scheme

I have not undertaken the Ventilation training. 

I have already undertaken Ventilation training

Step 1: By attending the Domestic Ventilation training course you will gain the relevant knowledge to become an approved Ventilation Inspector.  


Step 1: If you have attended the 2 day 'Domestic Ventilation' course you are eligible to join Elmhurst's scheme and can apply by completing the application form linked below.



Step 2: Once you have completed the course you will be eligble to join the scheme. You can do so by completing the form linked below.


Not trained to complete Ventilation Tests?

The 2 day 'Domestic Ventilation' training course delivered in conjunction with NICEIC provides individuals and companies with the relevant skills and knowledge to undertake on-site testing and commissioning of domestic ventilation systems. 



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