Produce recognised Ventilation Reports

Start providing professional ventilation reports for new build and existing properties by joining Elmhurst's Ventilation competency scheme.

As an accredited Ventilation Inspector you will play a crucial role in the PAS 2035 retrofit process by carrying out inspections and commissioning ventilation systems.

How to join the scheme

In order to join Elmhurst's Ventilation competency scheme you must attend a ventilation training course. If you have already completed a training course (even with another provider), you can go right ahead and apply for Elmhurst membership!

Why become a
Ventilation Inspector?

"Build tight, ventilate right" is the industry mantra when building or retrofitting homes.

A poorly ventilated home can lead to health problems for the occupants, which is why a growing number of local authorities now require that a ventilation report be carried out before a building is signed off by Building Control. As a Ventilation Inspector you'll be at the heart of the process, ensuring air quality and occupants' health.

  • Gain in demand skills
  • Frequently required for retrofit work
  • Easy to carry out alongside additional onsite inspections
  • Protect occupants against health problems arising from poor ventilation
Ventilation inspector

Train with the experts

The 2 day Domestic Ventilation training course delivered in conjunction with NICEIC provides individuals and companies with the relevant skills and knowledge to undertake on-site testing and commissioning of domestic ventilation systems.


Accreditation icon

Get a recognised
stamp of approval

Elmhurst's Ventilation Scheme offers credibility and quality standards to those trained to undertake ventilation commissioning and testing as a Ventilation Inspector.

Member benefits:

  • Access to Elmhurst's members portal
  • Create new inspections and submit reports
  • Insurance Included
  • Access to Elmhurst's Technical Support
  • Entry onto Elmhurst's Scheme listing

Ventilation Scheme Fees  

Registration Fee - £265 +VAT

Annual Renewal - £265 + VAT

Lodgements - £2.50 + VAT per lodgement

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