UK household power bills are lower thanks to the "Green Cr*p"

Claire Perry the Energy Minister confirmed that the UKs fuel bills are reducing thanks to energy efficiency policy.

At the Conservative Conference in Manchester she told the delegates:

“It’s something that we don’t seem to talk about. But for household consumers energy bills have actually gone down, mostly because we are more energy efficient and use more efficient appliances.”

This confirms what Elmhurst and other sensible contributors have long said; that ‘energy efficiency’ is good for families and the economy, both at the macro and micro level. The knee jerk reactions made by previous Ministers and Governments now appear to be short sighted and misguided.

Homeowner’s energy bills are reducing despite renewable energy subsidies being paid through the same bills. It was this proposition that was reportedly dubbed “green cr*p” by David Cameron.

The official figures now show that the average price of a dual fuel energy bill paid via direct debit has fallen from over £1,000 a year in late 2013 to less than £865 a year, today.

The Industry is now awaiting the ‘raft’ of energy programmes expected over the next month; the first being the ‘Clean Growth Plan’ followed by an independent review of costs and the Government’s Industrial strategy.

Stuart Fairlie Technical Director -  “Elmhurst are delighted that the Energy Minister recognises that ‘energy efficiency’ is vital if we are to properly  make homes warmer and cheaper to run.

The days of telling people to ‘switch’ providers to reduce bills, are hopefully over. Although this is sensible ‘advice’, switching providers is what we would consider a ‘sticking plaster’ approach to the problem and doesn’t provide a long term fix .

We look forward to the release of the Clean Growth Plan and perhaps this time we will see the politicians demand a long term strategy that doesn’t stop and start, in an effort to control fuel bills, makes homes warmer and meet our international climate commitments.”

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