Top tips for becoming a domestic energy assessor

With flexible hours and the ability to be your own boss becoming a domestic energy assessor (DEA) is becoming more and more appealing. However, it isn't simply a job that you can just walk into. Here are all of the different ways that you can become a domestic energy assessor.

Fulfil the requirements

To become a DEA, there are a few requirements that you must first fulfil. You must get a Level 3 Certificate in Domestic Energy Assessments,. It's also a surefire way to ensure that all of your energy assessor training is thorough and up to standard. The qualification is awarded by the Awarding Body for the Built Environment, and accredited by City & Guilds. As well as the Level 3 Certificate, you must also become a member of an accreditation scheme that's been approved by the above-mentioned bodies. This is to ensure to the public the validity and quality of your services and effectively aid you in being viewed as suitably qualified..

Complete a specialist course that's run by a private training organisation

As the subheading suggests, another way to get your DEA training is to go via a private organisation that offers the required energy assessor training. It's worth acknowledging, though, that you must be sure to check that the company is credible. That being said, don't discredit specialist courses based on the fear of being scammed - doing your research may find you an energy assessor course better than any other!

Elmhurst Energy is one such private company that provides high-quality EPC training and accreditation schemes, giving you value you for money and a new career at the end! If you're interested, get in touch with us to find out more information!

Article published: 23nd August 2019

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