The Labour party officially launched its new manifesto

As expected it talks about many items with a wide remit, but Elmhurst have taken the elements that refer to climate change and affect energy and energy use specifically in buildings. The following is hopefully a quick synopsis guide to the ambitions of the Labour Party which we will also provide for the other major parties when published

Elmhurst are not political, but we feel it important to understand the claims by leading political parties in the energy efficiency sector.

In the first statement Labour claim:

Pg 11: “We will transform our energy systems, investing in new, state of the-art low-carbon gas and renewable electricity production”

In a section title ‘upgrading our economy’ Labour suggests that their industrial strategy would include:

Pg 14: “The first missions set by a Labour government will be to: ensure that 60 per cent of the UK’s energy comes from zero-carbon or renewable sources by 2030”

Alluding to national ownership of the energy supply networks they comment:

Pg 14: “Energy costs and security – by capping costs and investing in new publicly owned energy provision.” And:

Pg 19: “Regain control of energy supply networks through the alteration of operator license conditions, and transition to a publicly owned, decentralised energy system.”

In a dedicated chapter on “Sustainable Energy”:

Some positive commitments with no real detail on a programme of insulation for existing homes:

Pg 20: “Labour will insulate four million homes as an infrastructure priority to help those who suffer in cold homes each winter. This will cut emissions, improve health, save on bills, and reduce fuel poverty and winter deaths.”

Pg 21: “Homeowners will be offered interest-free loans to improve their property. For renters, Labour will improve on existing Landlord Energy Efficiency regulations and re-establish the Landlord Energy Saving Allowance to encourage the uptake of efficiency measures.”

A claim to get UK back on track for the UN Paris Climate agreement:

Pg 21 -22: “Building a clean economy of the future is the most important thing we must do for our children, our grandchildren and future generations. Yet recent years have seen a failure to progress towards our targets. A Labour government will put us back on track to meet the targets in the Climate Change Act and the Paris Agreement.”

In emphasising something that Elmhurst have long campaigned on; the fact that we as a nation can lead the world in technology that creates a low carbon economy, they state:

Pg 22: “The low-carbon economy is one of the UK’s fastest-growing sectors, creating jobs and providing investment across each region. It employed an estimated 447,000 employees in the UK in 2015 and saw over £77 billion in turnover. With backing from a Labour government, these sectors can secure crucial shares of global export markets.”

In a direct ‘dig’ at Conservative housing policies they state:

Pg 60: Housing – “After seven years of failure, the Conservatives have no plan to fix the housing crisis. Since 2010, housebuilding has fallen to its lowest level since the 1920s, rough sleeping has risen every year, rents have risen faster than incomes, there are almost 200,000 fewer home-owners, and new affordable housebuilding is at a 24-year low.”

“It doesn’t have to be like this. Labour will invest to build over a million new homes. By the end of the next Parliament we will be building at least 100,000 council and housing association homes a year for genuinely affordable rent or sale.”

“Labour will establish a new Department for Housing to focus on tackling the crisis and to ensure housing is about homes for the many, not investment opportunities for the few.”

They also state a commitment to insulate better, and to help people manage energy bills. As well as consultation on a ‘zero carbon homes standards’ – something which the conservative Government scrapped.

“Labour will not only build more, we will build better. We will insulate more homes to help people manage the cost of energy bills, to reduce preventable winter deaths, and to meet our climate change targets. We will consult on new rules on minimum space standards to prevent ‘rabbit hutch’ properties and on new modern standards for building Zero carbon homes”.

Labour also want to continue helping first time buyers:

Pg 61: Home Ownership – “Labour will back first-time buyers to buy that special first home. The number of affordable homes to buy has plummeted by two-thirds under the Conservatives, so we will build thousands more low-cost homes reserved for first-time buyers. We will guarantee Help to Buy funding until 2027 to give long-term certainty to both first-time buyers and the housebuilding industry.

Again no detail, but if a home had a poor energy rating could it be determined to be substandard?:

Pg 62:  “Labour government would introduce new legal minimum standards to ensure properties are fit for human habitation’ and empower tenants to take action if their rented homes are sub-standard”

Labour will also switch to building more council homes, a move away from the private house building focus:

Pg 63: “We will remove government restrictions that stop councils building homes and begin the biggest council building programme for at least 30 years.”

Finally they claim to put Britain back leading climate change in the world:

Pg 188: “We will reclaim Britain’s leading role in tackling climate change, working hard to preserve the Paris Agreement and deliver on international commitments to reduce emissions while mitigating the impacts of climate change on developing countries.”

Elmhurst have provided all the parties with a copy of the Elmhurst Manifesto and ask that they commit to creating an energy efficient society.

We hope you find this synopsis useful, but the full manifesto can be found below.

For the full Manifesto:



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