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Elmhurst Sketch floor plan software for estate agents and energy assessors, is now available for Windows.

Elmhurst's Sketch is an intuitive floor plan drawing application which enables users to compose quick, accurate and detailed floor plans whilst at a property. The software collects all data entered including room dimensions, property area and room descriptions to provide detailed property specific information which can be used to accompany Energy Performance Certificates and/or flooring plans for Estate Agents.

The release of this floor planning software incorporates various user suggestions and ideas, however most importantly it is now pay per click! Rather than pay a one off monthly fee, you'll only pay a competitive price of just £2 for the plans you create.

The software also comes with access to Elmhurst's Sketch Zone where you can look at and manage submitted floor plans, from any device.

An example floor plan created by Elmhurst's floor planning software


  • Elmhurst Sketch is available for Windows devices- this includes desktops and laptops.
  • Simple ‘click and drag’ functionality enables you to produce professional floor plans with ease.
  • Numerous editing options allow precise details to be input.
  • Camera functions enable attachment of new or existing photos to your plan.
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows plan measurements to be transferred directly to the software via a suitable device.
  • Add notes and labels to your floor plans for QA audit purposes.
  • Extensive exporting options in all popular file types 
  • Online storage zone gives access to floorplans from any device or location.
  • Option to link floorplans with RdSAP assessments for uploading to Elmhurst’s Evidence cloud storage facility.
  • Ability to update floor plans up to 4 times after submission, with no additional charge.

The software is FREE to download 


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Success Stories

"Currently with Metropix- which is potentially easier to use but end result for Elmhurst Sketch is much better. Very Useful Course"

- Dean Campbell, Floor Plan Training

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