Smart Auditing coming soon for Construction Domestic Energy Assessors

At Elmhurst we have been working hard to re-launch the auditing process to ensure that the focus remains firmly on quality and helping our members to be the best in the Industry.

The new Scheme Operating Requirements (SORs) became live in April 2018 and with it came the ability to adopt new ‘smarter’ auditing practices. The roll out was first successfully launched for the existing homes strand and is now being launched for the new build homes strand.

The new practice is designed to focus on the ‘output’ of the energy certificates, not the ‘process’ by which they were produced. The concept is straight forward and based on a ‘risk based’ approach, which means that higher risk Energy Certificates are selected for audit. This does not mean that the assessors have produced an incorrect Energy Certificate; it simply means that the focus of auditing will be moved away from being 100% random to a more risk-based approach.

Essentially, this is very good news for competent energy assessors as a risk-based approach will be adopted for audit selection. In essence, rather than the audit selection being entirely random, there will now be a mix of both ‘Random’ and ‘Smart’ audits, with the latter targeting EPCs which are deemed to be at a higher risk of being incorrect. The good news is that this will not result in an increase in the volume of audits for members, but the focus of the audits will be on EPCs which present a greater risk of potential errors.

Jason Hewins, On Construction Support Team Leader at Elmhurst Energy stated: "We welcome these changes as we believe smart auditing is a positive step towards better quality Energy Certificates.  Allowing Industry to pay particular attention to high risk EPCs is something that we have all wanted for some time. We would like to stress to our members auditing is necessary to ensure quality; we add value to our members through great software, great support and great training – all these things ensure that our members give good quality EPCs to homeowners, landlords and tenants."

Stuart Fairlie, Technical & Operations Director for Elmhurst, comments “This is great news which has come at the end of a long period of hard work by both Government and Industry. The new framework will be more flexible and will give Industry the ability to ensure that the quality of EPCs gets better and better. There should be no noticeable changes for members but, vitally, it gives our Industry the ability to fine tune the rules moving forward to ensure that EPCs continue to be fit for purpose. This is essential as the Clean Growth Strategy has determined that EPCs are at the heart of Government policy moving forward.”

Article published: 23rd July 

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