Scottish government release further £4.4 million to improve energy efficiency

Paul Wheelhouse. the Scottish Minister for Business, Innovation and Energy, recently announced Phase 2 of the ambitious SEEP program. which is designed to test new approaches to improving energy efficiency and new ways of working in the public sector.

Paul claims that “A number of these projects will have a material impact on people’s lives, ensuring they have warm homes, businesses and community centres, while others will help develop essential strategies to support the effective deployment of investment to meet our ambitions to expand renewable heat and address fuel poverty.  

The successful Phase 1 pilots were announced in October 2016 with £9.1 million being awarded to 11 local authorities and is set to conclude in December. This announcement releases a further £4.4 million to 15 local authorities to fund a diverse range of projects including a district heating scheme, retrofit energy efficiency measures in a world heritage trust site and installation of large scale ground source heat pumps in a community park. Phase 2 will be complete by February 2019

Paul added "If successful this will release a larger package totalling over £12 million and ultimately help inform deployment of the overarching SEEP programme that will see an estimated total of up to £10 billion invested in heat and energy efficiency in the period to 2030.”

Elmhurst's Martyn Reed commented "Whilst the sum of money available in phase 2 is relatively small it is great to see that a long term strategy exists and, despite the current financial uncertainty, progress continues to be made".

For more information please read the Scottish Government's press release

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