Scotland lead the way when it comes to reducing fuel poverty in rural areas

The Government in Scotland have created another innovative programme to fight fuel poverty. The pilot exercise will target support at 220 rural homes to cut energy bills as part of a review of fuel poverty. Advisers from Home Energy Scotland (HES) will visit 220 properties under the £300,000 year-long scheme before a decision on rolling it out across the country.

CAS energy spokesman Craig Salter said: “Locally delivered, bespoke, face-to face advice can be one of the most effective means of reaching and supporting the most vulnerable and remote consumers. We hope that this pilot will help to develop and strengthen energy outreach services in rural Scotland and support home-delivered services to achieve affordable warmth, particularly for vulnerable consumers.”

Norman Kerr, director of Energy Action Scotland, said: “The Scottish Government’s plans to pilot new ways of helping rural areas will be looked at carefully as households in rural areas have generally experienced more barriers to date in tackling fuel poverty. This is a set of plans that will need to be well-monitored and will need a corresponding budget over time in order to deliver measures that can make a real difference to Scottish households.”

Elmhurst Energy welcomes this effort from the Scottish Government to fight fuel poverty in rural areas. Fuel poverty is a complex mix of families on low income living in inefficient homes. To maximise the benefits it is necessary to create focused solutions rather than the broad brush, overly simplistic models that have been adopted for ECO2t.

The full article appeared in The Herald newspaper on 9th March 2017

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