Save Energy for Your Business

1. Turn down the thermostat by 1oC

Heating costs increase by approximately 8% with each 1oC. Turning down the thermostat can create a substantial cost saving.

2. Switch off lights in empty rooms

A fairly common tip, but one that is often overlooked. Every bulb used within a business has a watt rating, for example if you keep a light with a 40 watt bulb switched off for one hour, your business will save 0.04 Kwh.

Turning off lights when leaving rooms is one approach to saving energy. Also many businesses fit light sensors in rooms that are not as frequently visited (so you don't even have to think about switching off the lights)

Replacing your existing light bulbs with energy efficient ones can also create cost saving (Compact Fluorescent Bulbs are a good choice, due to their cost and energy saving).

There has recently been new research into energy efficient lighting, which could lead to more effective light bulbs in the future (find out more here).

3. Shutdown PC's when not in use

It is beneficial to encourage your staff to shut down their PC's at the end of the day. Even turning off a monitor for 20 minutes can help save money.

4. Manage Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning in constant use can make up approximately 30% of energy consumption. Regulating the time and temperature to match weather conditions and occupancy, can help to reduce energy consumption. Cleaning out filters and removing blockages can also help air conditioning units operate more efficiently.

Elmhurst Energy operates a scheme which accredits assessors to go out and perform Air Conditioning Inspections. Regulations dictate that for inspections should be no more then 5 years apart for systems with 'an effective rated output of more than 12Kw'.

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5. Keep your commercial EPC up to date

Allthough only required when selling or letting, A commercial EPC will give you a clear indication of your businesses energy efficiency, and will also provide you with a recommendation report with indicative paybacks included. Elmhurst's Non Domestic Energy Assessors can assess a commercial property and lodge EPCs and Recommendation reports to the central.

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6. Investment in Energy Management Systems 

Many organisations have satisfied the short term ESOS compliance route to energy management. However a more strategic and long term approach can save on big costs in the future. Elmhurst Energy Services (Elmhurst's sister company), offers Energy Management Services geared towards reducing energy consumption from your own business processes. Consultants are available to both advise and implement ISO 50001, or can even work with you to set up your own Energy Management System from scratch. 

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