SAP Conventions Version 7.0- Coming Soon

Elmhurst have received word from the DCLG that version 7.0 of the SAP conventions has been approved and will come into force on the 31st August 2017 – that’s just 6 weeks away!

It is  very important that new build assessors take the time to familiarise themselves with version 7.0 of the SAP Conventions, to ensure they are ready for the changes on the 31st.
New conventions include;

2.07 - U-values of elements of room in the roof, also see Appendix 3
Appendix 2.5 - Thermal Bridging - Convention for curtain walls
Appendix 4 - Dwelling dimensions - new guidance for dwellings with integral garages

There have also been some changes to existing conventions including;

2.03 - Dwelling volume - new guidance for suspended ceilings
5.04 - Windows and roof windows - U-values and g-values
5.15 - Thermal Mass

Version 7.0 must be followed for all new design stage assessments starting on or after the 31st August. Any assessments started prior to 31st August can be completed in accordance with version of conventions in force at the time.

We will be covering the changes in more detail within our OCDEA Conventions course, which you can book onto here. A Technical Bulletin will also be released to Elmhurst members which will cover the changes in more detail.

If you have any questions about the SAP Conventions please feel free to contact the OCDEA Support Team.

You can download a copy of version 7.0 of the SAP Conventions here.

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