Elmhurst publish response to SAP and RdSAP Consultation

We at Elmhurst welcome that the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) announced a consultation on the SAP and RdSAP methodologies in December. Our members and keen followers of our website, will have noticed we are very supportive of this consultation and in our usual considered manner we have taken our time to trawl through the detail of the questions and the available information, in order to send a professional and considered response to the Government.

As the leading experts in this field, we at Elmhurst including our new NHER (experts) staff and members, feel it is essential that we respond to this vitally important consultation. After all who else in our industry has the independence, experience and breadth of knowledge on this subject matter?

The Consultation has 20 questions, 17 directly relate to SAP, 2 to RdSAP and 1 is an open question on using SAP without a Building Regulation change.

Stuart Fairlie, Head of Technical at Elmhurst clarifies that “the changes proposed for RdSAP are proposed to be added to the current SAP 2012 methodology. The changes suggested for the SAP methodology will be updated in the newly proposed SAP 2016 methodology.”

“We are not aware of any impending new Building Regulations/Standards for any of the regions, so the purpose of the methodology is for guidance only and indicates where the calculation is moving towards, obviously keeping up with both technology, current research, as well as fuel costs and carbon emissions. Interestingly the final question is the possibility of a SAP methodology update without a Building Regulation change, which is a very interesting angle. We at Elmhurst are always keen to see improvements to the methodologies to keep them up to date and relevant.”

In Conclusion:

Stuart Fairlie concludes; “Elmhurst has asked members for feedback and thank those members who replied giving us insight and thoughts on the questions within the consultation. We have incorporated these into our detailed response. We have attempted to keep our members informed of the impact of these changes for both the new build market and for existing dwellings market over the course of the last few weeks. As always we welcome improvements to the calculations to keep them up to date and relevant. We will continue to support our members and ensure that the methodologies that they use are the most accurate available.”

Here at Elmhurst we not only welcome the consultation, we are hugely supportive of the research and empirical data undertaken; as they all contribute to a refinement of the methodology and as such will result in more accurate and relevant EPCs. We are however very mindful that the accuracy improvement must be balanced with the fact that the information required is available and also not overly complicated in terms of time and effort energy assessors must undertake in order to use this new information.

Elmhurst Response

Elmhurst would encourage our members to respond on their own merit to the consultation, and we hope that by keeping everyone informed of our expert thoughts over the course of the last few weeks, that we have helped some undertake this. In an effort to remain open, honest, professional and vitally independent we also make our response available below.


The deadline is 27th January 2017

Details of the Consultation can be found here:


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