Report claims lack of new 'Power Saving' policies will increase Energy Bills and Carbon Emissions

Household energy bills and carbon emissions will RISE unless ministers devise new policies to save power, a leading report says.

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has issued a report confirming that bills and emissions have been forced down since 2008 by EU energy efficiency rules.

The report will surprise many including certain tabloid newspapers and even ministers, who seem to believe that getting rid of the ‘green crap’ from bills will help us all get richer. Quite the opposite in fact, the report openly criticises the current lack of policy and it states amongst many suggestions that the nation needs to have an urgent strategy to insulate millions of homes and create new forms of energy efficient heating.

As we all recognise fridges, freezers and boilers are all now designed to use less energy. This is something that the EU enforced via directives; these didn’t come from the UK. The UK was requested to implement these via regulations.

Lord Deben the Chair of CCC told the BBC News:

"Really good EU regulations have made all our appliances much more efficient. It's meant we've been able to cut bills by about £20 a month for the average consumer. It's been a remarkable success story. But the crucial thing is we've got to keep on doing it."

The Report states:

“Reducing household bills: energy efficiency measures reduce demand for energy to meet household and business needs. The result is lower household bills than would otherwise be the case. Energy bills for typical households in 2016 were lower, in real terms, compared to their level in 2008 (when the Climate Change Act was passed). Improvements in a range of energy efficiency measures, including more efficient appliances and boilers, as well as insulation, helped to offset the cost on bills that was needed to support the emergence of some low-carbon technologies. Targeting energy efficiency improvements at families struggling to pay their bills could help even further.”

The new climate change minister Claire Perry has stated that the Government’s Clean Growth Plan could be made more ambitious and will to make new energy efficiency policy in the Autumn.

Elmhurst has long campaigned for ‘energy efficiency’ to be as important as supply side issues when it comes to energy. ‘The cheapest form of energy is that which we do not use’

Stuart Fairlie Technical Director of Elmhurst states: “This report is welcome and advocates what we at Elmhurst have been saying for over 20 years. Energy Efficiency really makes a difference, stop gap policies of ‘caps’, ‘switching providers’, ‘yearly handouts’, are sticking plaster approaches to policy. We desperately need to see some real strategy that last longer than parliamentary terms (or even shorter ministerial terms). The EU regulations that have driven down our fuel bills and forced nation states to implement regulations have been good for us. We must ensure that following exit from the EU, that we have ambitious plans and strategies for energy efficiency. Ripping up and removing regulations has been the agenda for over 7 years now, this report suggests that we need to put strategies and policies back, to ensure that our building stock is warmer and more comfortable for families and businesses.”

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