Real time energy data

Elmhurst members may be interested in a new app called Energy Watch GB that gives a near real time presentation of how much energy the UK has consumed that day and how it was produced. 

The app not only gives a simple pie chart of the source of our energy but also generates charts displaying demand, source and how much electricity we are buying in from abroad, throughout the day. 

David Thomas and Andrew Townsend jointly developed the app together in their spare time, using data from Elexon, Sheffield University and the National Grid. 

Thomas commented: "The aim was to clearly display live energy mix generation data as well as show historical data for the past year, so users can be better informed of the sources of our energy, including the importing of energy from Europe."

There are plans to keep the app up to date with new types of energy sources when they are added to the data sources, as well as looking into providing gas import/flow data for the country, which Thomas and Townsend are hoping will happen later this year. 

Elmhurst is not connected with the application, nor its developers, but feel that members may find it a useful tool in demonstrating the progress that has been made with renewable technologies.

Well done Andrew and David!

You can download the app here

Article published: 27th August 2019

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