RdSAP GO: A DEA's perspective

We caught up with Elmhurst accredited DEA James Rivers to find out what he thinks of our mobile EPC software RdSAP Go. 

Why do you use RdSAP Go?

I work for Ashby Energy Assessors and we cover a range of services, including RdSAP. 

We probably do around one per week but they’re for very grand designs – usually grade 1 or 2 listed buildings and stately homes etc. We go all over the country as we’ve got quite a good reputation for doing them - but we really pride ourselves on our consultancy services and providing advice to clients. It's not just a tick in the box kind of service. 

Personally I prefer using technology like RdSAP Go as it's quicker in the long run and it means you don't have to type things out again. 

What's your favourite feature of RdSAP Go?

I like the integration with PlanUp (the floorplan software) which means you don’t have to physically draw a floorplan for the building. RdSAP Go does the dimensions for you and it looks more professional - you’re also very unlikely to put in the wrong number and that accounts for a lot of audit failures.

It might take longer on the day, but you can do it all there on-site and make sure you do it right. There’s also the benefit that you can revisit the property six months later and you can bring up the floorplan you previously created.

How did you get into the industry?

Years ago in the school holidays, I was out on-site with my dad. There was an air tester working on the same job and I happened to mention that I needed a summer job. He offered me a job carrying around his kit and I just got interested in the industry that way. 

I started working for Ashby Energy Assessors straight out of uni and I’m still here 8 years later!

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Article published 13th October




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