Pros of becoming a domestic energy assessor

As a relatively new career path, becoming a domestic energy assessor is probably something you've only just started to consider. You might know what the job entails and how to become qualified, but are you aware of the detail associated with the role?

Anyone can do it

Becoming an energy assessor doesn't require you to have a particular type of educational background or a degree. No matter what your current career is focussed on, you can easily make the switch, making this career a great choice for those looking for a completely new challenge. All you really need is a passion and determination for your new role.

It's inexpensive

A DEA qualification course is relatively inexpensive when compared to university courses and similar vocational courses, and are cost-effective in the long run. Whereas other previously mentioned training routes can take years to complete, DEA training takes place in a much shorter time frame with a dedicated course tutor and accreditation scheme to support you make the transition into professional practice.

In demand

Anyone selling or renting out their properties must obtain an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) , which means there's plenty of working going around for domestic energy assessors. The recent introduction of Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) has led to further demand for domestic energy assessors to carry out EPC assessments.

Get in touch

If you think becoming a domestic energy assessor might be the career path for you, contact us at Elmhurst Energy. In just 4-5 weeks you could be completely qualified to work in this new role (3-5 day initial training plus a completed and marked portfolio), so don't wait any longer and give us a call.

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