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PULSE Airtightness Training (Classroom)

Course length 1 Day
Suitable for Existing Air Testers (iATS members)
Qualifications 6 Hours CPD

6 Hours CPD

This course is designed for existing air tightness testers to gain the skills and knowledge required to undertake Pulse air tightness tests. This course gives hands on experience with Pulse equipment alongside the background knowledge of the methodology enabling you to competently carry out air tightness tests with Pulse.

Course Content:

  • Introduction to Pulse airtightness testing
  • Details on how the Pulse unit works and how it differs from the blower door method
  • Supervised, hands on workshops with the Pulse equipment
  • Focus on problematic areas including building measurements
  • Overview of commercial opportunities beyond Building Regulations such as PAS 2035 retrofit work

iATS members who complete this course will be able to use Pulse equipment for air tightness testing in Building Regulation compliance reports from June 2022.

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