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Part L in Practice (On Demand)

Suitable for OCDEAs
Qualifications 20 Minutes CPD
£12.50 + VAT
20 Minutes CPD

Barratt Homes, Oliver Novakovic delivers a talk on Part L in Practice at Elmhurst’s 30th Anniversary Conference. Oliver delivers valuable insight into the key changes and challenges that developers are facing when it comes to building against Part L 2021.

About Oliver Novakovic

Oliver has worked on innovation in the construction sector with clients such as Audi, M&S, Sainsbury, British Gas and BASF for over 20 years. He has covered product development, application through to cultural change management. With Barratt his current role is to assess and roll out innovation across the business under their leading construction principle, this includes integrating offsite methods of construction and Zero Carbon.

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