Pressure mounting on Government to deliver Climate promises

Following two major reports in the last 48 hours, each calling for action by the Government, in terms of energy efficiency in the domestic and non-domestic buildings sector; a further news article today suggest that ministers should tighten the UKs official climate change target – or face the courts.

Prof Sir David King is supporting a legal case forcing ministers to shrink carbon emissions to zero by 2050.

In an interview with the BBC “He says the current government goal - an 80% emissions cut by the same date - is too weak to protect the climate.”

"The science has clearly hardened since the Climate Change Act was agreed," he said.

"If scientists are telling us our current course of emissions potentially takes us to catastrophe, then to stick to the current course is irrational.

"The best available science tells us the risks of crossing tipping points rise very sharply between 1.5 and 2C. And that means the UK cutting emissions to zero."

Elmhurst Energy has always campaigned for a long term goal and consistent policies in order to deliver the warm and efficient homes and buildings that the UK deserves. The pressure from lots of different sources is building. Government have indicated that new climate policies and a ‘Clean Growth’ plan are coming. These can’t come too soon.

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