PEPA Supporting Business Owners

PEPA, the Property Energy Professionals Association, of which Elmhurst is a member, have been quite proactive during the COVID-19 epidemic. They have recently updated their COVID-19 Resource Kit, written to the Chancellor of the Exchequer in support of company directors, and are now asking for input from Energy Assessors as to what more needs to be done.

On 1st April, PEPA issued a detailed ‘Resource Kit’ for Energy Assessors detailing all of the Government and other stakeholder support mechanisms that had been made available at that time. Since the 1st April there has been a number of changes and additions to the support mechanisms available which have been reflected in the most recent update to the Resource Kit.

One issue that PEPA continues to push with Government is to support limited companies where the owners take income by way of a dividend. If this impacts you then you may wish to use the PEPA template that can be personalised (or used as the basis for developing your own letter), and sent to the Chancellor.

Finally, PEPA has issued an online survey which all Energy Assessors are invited to complete on an anonymous basis. This feedback will provide a clearer direction for PEPA, as to where to apply direct and apply influence next.

Elmhurst’s Managing Director Martyn Reed said “ Elmhurst has taken leadership role throughout the current crisis but there are times where the voice of members alongside a trade association can be more effective at grabbing the attention of policy makers. Elmhurst will of course continue to use every means it can to promote energy efficiency and to protect our great industry.” 

Article published: 04/05/2020

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