Our marketing assistant goes back to school - on our 5 day DEA course

After a year of working for Elmhurst, we thought it high time to send our Marketing Assistant on our 5 day DEA course to learn a bit more about the business. Here’s how she got on... 

First of all, how did you find it?

Well not that I’m biased…! It was weird, actually, going upstairs to training when I’m so used to walking straight into the office, but it was good to experience one of our courses as a delegate. And the food was amazing (especially the fresh cheese straws)! 

How long was the course?

In total it was 5 days. We spent the first three days in the classroom and the final two were spent out in the field conducting assessments.

What was involved?

The first two days you spend learning all the basics: EPCs, RdSAP, insulation, property types, area measurements and stuff like that. I found the second day more full on because of the concentration on space heating and you’ve also got the revision session for the exam on Wednesday.

Our course tutor, Denise, was really good and made sure everyone understood each part of the course before she moved on. There were definitely a few times when I had to ask her to explain something again!

Hard at work conducting assessments for the portfolio! 

Was it hard?

There’s a lot to take on board but it’s mostly common sense. I definitely benefitted from reading my notes over at home, and the practical exercises helped things slot into place. I’m one of those people who learn from actually doing an exercise rather than reading about it.

The advantage of the five day course is that the assessments for your portfolio are included as part of your training. If you’re completely new to the industry I would recommend doing the full five day course because having the tutor present really helped. At one stage Denise had to point out that the backdoor would count as a window due to the amount of glazing. I would have completely missed that.

What was your favourite part of the course?

I quite enjoyed identifying whether a house was cavity wall or solid brick by its exterior. This might sound sad but I remember driving home (sat in traffic) and going – yep that one’s headers and stretchers – must be solid wall. That one’s just stretchers- must be cavity. There’s more to it of course but it was interesting nonetheless! 

I also enjoyed using RdSAP Go. We hear a lot about it in the Marketing department so I was really keen to conduct a full assessment with the app and see how it performed. Everyone on the course had an iPad and seemed to be getting on very well with it - the integrated camera made things ten times easier instead of faffing about between different software.

Who else was on the course?

There was a real mixture; some people had been sent by their companies and other people were looking to work for themselves or conduct assessments for extra money.  

And finally, did you sit the test?

Well, that’s another story. The aim wasn’t to have me qualify as a DEA so I managed to weasel out of that one!


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Article Published: 23rd July 2018

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