Ofgem Publishes Response to U-Values Consultation

Following feedback from industry stakeholders, Ofgem has now published its formal response to the ECO2 consultation on the requirements for overwriting U-Values for cavity wall insulation (CWI) measures. The new policies outlined in Ofgem’s Consultation Response Document will apply to all CWI  measures with overwritten U-Values installed from 1st June 2016. To read the response document in full please click here

During the consultation a number of approaches were considered which could provide Ofgem with additional assurance that carbon savings had been calculated correctly for ECO purposes and the consultation focused on three key areas:

1. Introducing an upper limit for overwritten U-values;
2. Stipulating the evidence that should be in place and how inputs could be collected;
3. A regime to monitor these measures.

Ofgem’s response document summarises the various responses received, details the rationale behind the final policy decision and also explains why certain suggestions could not be adopted.

The final policy includes:

  • the introduction of a mandatory cavity wall U-value checklist required for all CWI measures with overwritten wall U-values - this has been published alongside Ofgem’s response and is linked here
  • the implementation of thresholds for each age band where further evidence will be required alongside the checklist if the wall U-value exceeds the threshold for the relevant age band
  • reserving the right to conduct an audit on these new requirements.

Should you have any questions regarding Ofgem’s new policy please do not hesitate to contact Elmhurst’s Existing Dwellings Team.


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