No change to Air Conditioning Inspection Regime

The government has released its outcome to its consultation on 'Changes to the Energy Performance of Buildings (England and Wales) Regulations 2012', confirming that there will be no change to the current air-conditioning inspection regime.

The consultation, initially sought views on increasing the threshold for when an air conditioning inspection would be required to only include air-conditioning systems and combined systems with an effective rated output of more than 70kW. Elmhurst was againt this proposal and delivered a response to the consultation which highlighted that we should in fact be inspecting more, and driving up compliance, to protect health and maximise energy savings.

It would seem this view was reinforced by others within the industry, with 87% of respondants disagreeing with the proposal pu forward by government. The consultation outcome states that "Overall, increasing the system inspection threshold was felt to result in a lost opportunity to realise carbon and energy savings and to encourage the owners of buildings, with smaller air-conditioning systems, to maintain and improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions". The document also highlights that air conditioning inspectors could lose a significant amount of their existing work (estimated between 60% and 80%) should the regime be changed to only include larger systems.

Elmhurst's Non-Domestic Team Leader, Josh Wakeling, is glad to see that the government has come to the right conclusion: “Maintaining and inspecting air-conditioning systems (big or small) is vital to not only ensure the health and safety of occupants (particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic) but also to promote best practice use, which will help building owners/occupants to unlock more energy savings. We are satisfied with the conclusion to the consultation which ensures that air conditioning inspectors can continue to inspect smaller air conditioning systems".

Consultation outcome document:

Find out more about Elmhurst's Air Conditioning Inspection scheme.

Article published: 19/11/20

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