NHER members should continue to lodge as they have always done, using their existing user IDs and passwords. Prices charged will be unchanged and NES will invoice for assessments lodged. For all intents and purposes it is business as usual and you will not need to do anything.  


Will my current suspension be automatically carried forward to Elmhurst Energy?

Can you please confirm the number I will need to phone for Technical assistance.

Will I still be able to obtain a copy of my past lodgements?

Will access to the NES One Area cease? If so, when?

Will I have access to the Elmhurst Energy technical and operating manuals?

Applications and change of details

General Information about Applications

I have just become a member but have not yet lodged, do all the details in the welcome pack still apply?

I need to change details on my membership. Do I still fill in a NES change of details form?

Am I automatically listed as an Elmhurst Energy member?

Are there any reasons why I would not be accepted as an Elmhurst Energy member?

Lodging Certificates

Can I still lodge through NES One website? If so, how long will this be available?

Will I be required to lodge with alternative software, and if so how do I receive training?

How do I lodge a non-domestic EPC, DEC or ACIR going forward?

Will Plan Assessors be withdrawn?

Which scheme name will be shown on the EPC?

How is my insurance cover affected by this change?

How does this affect my Green Deal Organisation?


General Information about Finance

What happens to any VAT liability for activities prior to the transfer?

Do I need to complete a new direct debit mandate or will my current mandate be transferred to Elmhurst Energy?

I need to change my bank details. Do I need to send my new direct debit mandate to NES or to Elmhurst Energy?

Currently we are invoiced monthly in arrears. Will this continue with Elmhurst Energy?

Will my October lodgement invoice still be payable to NES?

Will NES invoice me for any lodgements made in November?

I have a credit balance on my prepayment account, will I lose it?

I am currently withdrawing from NHER and have outstanding audit issues, will these now be waived?

I have an outstanding audit that I have not yet completed, will this now be waived?

I am awaiting a result for a completed audit. Will this be resolved by NHER?

I have an outstanding query against an audit / reissue that I have not yet been able to submit. Will this query be resolved or will the audit be withdrawn?

I have an outstanding Appeal against a recently completed audit. Will this be resolved or will the original result be reversed?

I have recently submitted a complaint that has not yet been resolved

Will NHER request any further audits from me?

What do I do now if I wish to request that an EPC or DEC is ‘removed’ from the Landmark Register?

Can I still access my past audit history?

I am currently suspended for not submitting a new CRB. Where should I now send this to?

I have received recent reminders to advise me that my CRB is soon up for renewal. Where should I now send this to?

Does Elmhurst Energy provide access to free CPD?

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