Central Register Fees Reduced

Good news for Energy Assessors as Central Register fees are reduced 

Elmhurst Energy is delighted to report that the Landmark Central Register fee that applies to energy certificates issued in England, Wales and Northern Ireland have been reduced from £2.07 to £1.82 (Domestic EPCs) and from £12.82 to £10.12 (Non-Domestic EPCs), effective 6th April 2017.

DCLG have also clarified that the fees for Display Energy Certificates (DECs) and Air Conditioning Inspection Reports (ACIRs) will also be reduced to match that of Non-Domestic EPCs.

   Central Register Fee   


  Central Register Fee

   (effective 6th April 2017)  

   Domestic EPCs 



   Non-Domestic EPCs    







£12.82 £10.12

Elmhurst have asked Scottish Government whether they have plans to amend the fee that applies in Scotland and will report back as soon as we have information.

Please remember that Elmhurst does not charge VAT on the central register fee.

You can read the letter sent from DCLG here.

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