UK to enter Paris 2015 summit with commitments not met

With less than three weeks to go before the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris, at which the UK Government will make a legally binding and universal agreement on climate change, it transpires that Amber Rudd has admitted that previous commitments will not be met. This is despite telling parliament that they would be achieved, then removing funding from Green Deal and threatening savage cuts to Feed in Tariffs.

A confidential letter sent to cabinet colleagues, which has been leaked to the Ecologist magazine,  warns that the UK is likely to undercut its clean power targets by approximately 25% which could "potentially trigger huge fines from the EU and legal action in the UK itself".

Elmhurst Energy's plea to Amber Rudd and her colleagues in DECC is to:

  • Give a life line to the energy assessment and insulation sectors by urgently introducing an interim solution to bridge the gap between Green Deal stopping and the conclusions of the Bonfield Review being implemented.
  • Resist the drastic cuts that that have been proposed in the review of Feed In Tariffs.



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