NEW STUDY: Warmth and energy efficiency are the key priorities for buyers!

The top 20 features that a home must have for buyers were identified in a recent study. Warmth and energy efficiency are the key priorities for buyers with central heating and double-glazing filling the top two slots.

With Energy Performance Certificates being now very much part of the house buying and renting process. It is with interest that a recent study hit the headlines.

Elmhurst Energy is delighted that the top two items purchasers value when purchasing properties have been identified as ‘energy efficient’. These two are the big ticket items in the house that are easily identifiable, and are normally costly to upgrade. Unfortunately wall insulation and roof insulation are not so easily recognised, and hence neither appears in the list.

The Energy Performance Certificate should be used by all purchasers; as for most the heating bill will be the biggest bill in their new home (after the mortgage)! Elmhurst has always advocated that purchasers/tenants should read and understand the EPC, which will enable them to use it to their advantage. All cost effective measures are identified on the EPC and comparisons can easily be made between different properties.

So when choosing the next move, have a look at the image below:

EPC and comparisons

Which house would the savvy person buy? If you don’t read or value the EPC then not only are you being left behind; but you are spending more money on heating your home than the person that used the EPC to their advantage.

It is a simple document. It has huge value and one that Elmhurst Energy continues to believe should be used more widely.

Stuart Fairlie – Head of Technical Elmhurst Energy

The study was presented by The Daily Mail and ran by Go Compare Mortgages see more here:


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