New Non-Domestic Conventions Released

DCLG have released Issue 6.0 of the Non-Domestic EPC Conventions for England & Wales. The last time the conventions were updated was back in 2014. As with all new conventions, these will be included as part of future quality assurance checks of the assessments undertaken, and the EPCs produced, by NDEAs thereafter. 

We have provided a summary of the changes due to be implemented on the 1st May 2017:

  1. A new process to apportion On site Renewable
  2. Use of address line 1 to describe site buildings and building sub parts.
  3. Acceptable evidence for High Frequency T8 lamps
  4. More evidence about calculating and entering the frame factor in SBEM
  5. Guidance on Sales vs Eating & Drinking Activity Selection
  6. Block glazing exteriors. How to enter glass blocks in SBEM
  7. Clarification of zoning for Day Lit Spaces
  8. Modelling a zone within a zone. E.g an office within a large warehouse
  9. Further clarification to identify indirectly conditioned zones.
  10. Workshops can now be left unheated CL6.11
  11. Some LED lighting types can now be entered as T5 lamps in SBEM

You can find the full list of conventions here with amendments highlighted in blue.

It is important that you read and understand not only the new conventions, but the existing ones as well. Elmhurst will be launching new technical guidance and a new NDEA Conventions course as early as the 14th March which will provide information on the recent changes. If you are interested in attending this course or future NDEA Convention courses please email

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