NEF Advisory Council Appointment

Elmhurst Energy is delighted to announce that Stuart Fairlie, Head of Technical here at Elmhurst has been appointed to the Advisory Council of the National Energy Foundation (NEF).

Stuart has extensive knowledge of the energy rating industry, with approximately 20 years worth of experience. He has expert knowledge of the energy rating methodologies, energy certificates and all Government Regulation and Policies connecting to energy efficiency in the built environment.

NEF stated in a news release today: “The National Energy Foundation has strengthened its Advisory Council with 10 new members. All have extensive expertise in their respective fields and bring valuable knowledge and experience to the council, the main purpose of which is to provide insight and perspectives to help develop the Foundation’s work in its mission to improve the use of energy in buildings.”

Stuart stated: “I am delighted to be appointed to the NEFs Advisory Council and look forward to working with them and the other Council members to continue the mission to improve the use of energy in buildings. This is something I am very passionate about, and I hope that my insight can help us strive towards a more energy efficient society.”

Stuart has worked at Elmhurst for nearly 20 years and, and has worked in the energy efficiency of buildings sector since studying Urban Design at the University of Nottingham, where he developed an interest in the interactions between people, buildings and space.

Stuart is responsible for maintaining Elmhurst Energy’s position at the forefront of technical and legislative thinking, and delivering market-leading products and services. He has extensive experience in all aspects of this constantly evolving sector, including developing the original RdSAP methodology and the format of the first EPC (within the Home Information Pack, as it was then) as well as involvement in the trials of Scottish Single Surveys. Over the years, he has taken part in various working groups on Part L, HIPS and BR443 U-value calculations. Stuart was also a member of the NFOPP exam board and is currently a member of the technical steering groups for SAP, RdSAP, ECO and Green Deal.

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